Green Tags– feel bad about your car?

Do you feel bad about your gas guzzler or your turbo engine??? If so do something about it with out getting a new car or loosing performance, check out http://www.b-e-f.org/GreenTags/ and make a difference.

In case your curious and don’t feel like clicking…
A “Green Tag” represents the environmental attributes associated with electricity generation from new renewable technologies like wind and solar energy. A renewable energy facility produces two distinct “products.” The first is electricity. The second is the package of environmental benefits resulting from not generating the same electricity — and emissions — from a conventional gas or coal-fired power plant. The renewable electricity displaces the dirtier power that would otherwise have been generated and delivered to the power pool. These environmental benefits can be separated from the electrical power and packaged into a Green Tag. The Green Tag then represents those collective environmental benefits (i.e. so many tons of CO2 displaced).The Green Tags reflect the avoided pollution that results from substituting new wind, solar and other renewable electricity sources for coal or gas.

Hopefully that made sense… If you cannot or do not want to drive a “greener” car, reduce your monthly or yearly miles driven or drive the speed limit at least do mother earth a favor and investigate Green Tags…

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