Summer Fitness Tips

Summer is right around the corner, the days and getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, its time to take of that extra layer of clothes and bask in the sun, but wait, what are you going to do if you are one of the many many individuals out that that happens to have an extra layer of fat? or flab? or pudgyness? Is it time for you to shape up and trim down? If so read on…

Let me start by saying that I am no fitness buff or pro, i have no formal training, i do have my fair share of personal experience and i’ve read many books and articles with so i guess consult a physician and take anything i may say with a grain of salt

With just A decent pair of sneakers, an exercise mat, and a set of 3- and or 5-pound dumbbells you can be in shape in no time. You don’t need a gym or fancy gear, just the desire to change and will power to stick to a routine. The most important thing is to start of slow, dont push your self too hard for at least the first few days, gradually build up your tolerance and endurance to working out.

remember jumping jacks from gym class in elementary school ??? well they are a good way to burn some calories, get your heart rate pumping and get into shape, start with sets of 30 and challenge your self to get up to 200 or even 500, let me know how you do…

Start simple, with nothing required… Try walking for 15 minutes either in the morning or right when you get home from work. After a few days see if you can increase your 15 minutes up to 20 or even 25 and every few days or weeks, really whenever you feel you can increase the time, do it. Maybe after a few weeks of walking for 30+ minutes try walking for 10, jogging for 5 and walking for 15 more.

Take 3 or 5 pound weights, sit on a chair (please not the recliner) and alternate doing 5 or 10 reps with each arm, switch it up, try using different muscles, do both arms at once, sit up straight and lift the weights over your head, make up your own weight lifting routine, stick to it and gradually increase the number of reps you do, start off doing this 2-3 days a week and go from there.

Streching is important, you should being doing it before and after workouts, walking, jogging, and running, everyone knows how to do it so spend 5 or 10 minutes it will help you keep your muscles safe from injury and it will burn some calories and tone you a little

Remember you can do this, you can achieve your goals, you can tone up and silm down in time for this summer, try to do some sort of work out daily even if it is only for 5 minutes it will help, you will feel good and you will look good to, let me know how your work outs are going, and feel free to ad tips

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