The Top 10 signs your a Volkswagen enthusiast aka Dubber

I’m skipping right to business…I’m not going to order them in # of importance, they are all signs you may be a Volkswagen enthusiast aka a Dubber

You have more than 1 VW because you like them that much and just in case one doesn’t start, you can try another one.
Every-time you see a modded VW pass by, you almost rear-end the person in front of you.

You spend more time on vwvortex.com than you do working, going to school or sleeping.

Your idea of a date is to go to your local VW dealer to look around the lot.

You’ve considered selling a kidney to pay for a coilover kit.

Your engine compartment is cleaner than most hospital operating rooms.

You always park next to the other vw at the end of the parking lot, if there is one there.

You have a vw related tattoo

You convinced your significant other to get a VW so you can take separate VW’s to the same place so you can take can take pictures of each other driving your VW’s

After you park you car and  walk away, you ALWAYS, without fail, turn around to look at the car one last time before going inside. You know you do it…

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