Tips for being a more Productive Blogger

Set aside time, or time frame for writing, daily weekly, whenever just stick to it.

Keep a notebook/journal for ideas. For some people having more then one is effective, say one by the bed, one at your desk on in your bag or pocket, for me 1 is enough and i know where it is at all times… with me!

Take some time off. A day or two a week, a a few days or a week every coup,le of months, whatever you need to refuel your body and mind.

Read other blogs, books, articles, magazines, websites and anyother form of writing that interests you, reading makes you a better writer.

If you are stuck, start with a title.

Talk to people, get ideas from them, from your conversations with them.

Try something new, like a new topic, or style of writing, maybe a top 10 list, a product guide, advice and so on.


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