when will myspace go away?

All i hear about and read about is myspace, its myspace this and myspace that, its getting old, no its gotten old. I liked myspace back in 2005 when it was fresh, new, hip, when everyone and their parents didn’t have pages, when being a cool new person was actually cool (i was one) at one point i had over 3000 “friends” and i was damn proud, but I only knew about 30 of them and only about 250 of them communicated with me, they meant nothing, myspace means nothing and now myspace is full of spammers, companies, sexaholics and predators, when will myspace fade out and go away?

the logo was catchy, the concept was new, it rocked!!! i have know people who got fed up and deleted their pages and others who live through their pages, they don’t call or text anyone they myspace message or comment, its sad, its sick, I’m surprised there aren’t myspace weddings, well hold on, maybe there have been ????? I don’t know, all i know is myspace is out of control and myspaces days of being king are short lived


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