10 Tips to Eliminate Debt

ZenHabits one of my favorite blogs posted 73 Debt Elimination Tips 73 is alot of tips, very overwhelming so i decided to put together what i feel the most important 10 are

1. Spend Less then you earn, easier said then done.

2. Make a Budget and stick to it, its ok to add in $ for food and entertainment

3. Don’t rely on credit cards, if you can’t pay cash you shouldn’t buy it

4. Build an Emergency Fund

5. Pay off your smallest debt first, use momentum to pay of larger ones

6. Eat out less, spend less on entertainment

7. Stop spending, look for ways to cut costs and eliminate expenses

8.Pay More then the minimum, double it triple it, any amount more helps

9. Before purchases ask you self… do i REALLY need this?

10. Stay POSITIVE! you can succeed and be debt free


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