are you the 1?

its killing me, i am so distracted, and i dont mean to flood my blog with posts about WOWIO or FREE iPod Shuffles, its just killing me that i am so close to getting one… yet so far… adn i know its just a shuffle and it only cost 80$ but it has become about more then the shuffle, it has become a challenge to my self and from friends…

I say i am so close, yet so far becuase I NEED 1 more person to sign up by 4pm today… i fear that i will not get 1 more and i will fail, so if you haven’t yet, if you want to help me, please please please please please go to WOWIO and sign up, when it asked for referrer please put in itsjos@gmail.com
if you are my 10th person i will add you to my blogroll and post about how great you are 😉


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