The hidden victims of foreclosure’s

I came across an article in Business Week about foreclosure’s and their hidden victims… The Family Pets.

As the housing market continues to plummet and wages and raises and even jobs become more scarce, the mortgage mess is getting messier. 

When sheriffs, property inspectors and real estate agents  go to a deserted or foreclosed upon home they are finding malnourished and flea-ridden animals, feces-covered floors and urine-soaked furniture, piles of rotting garbage,  and even swarms of diseased mosquitoes.

According to an online foreclosure research company there were over 147,000 foreclosures filings (default notices, auction sale notices and bank repos) just in April of this year(up 62% from last year)  This means that nasty horrid awful condition homes are becoming more and more common and since at least 50% of families have pets this means more and more abused and neglected animals.  

I imagine that knowing you are going to lose your home is an awful feeling but being so irresponsible and losing all pride of ownership is flat out disgusting. Some people leave the water on to flood the house and cause mold so that the house is destroyed and cannot be sold. There are reports of people tearing their chandeliers or ceiling fans out of the ceiling, kicking the doors and walls in so that the ants, roaches, rats, mosquitoes, scorpions, and other wild life can take over. 


It’s crazy what people will do, I have never had anything foreclosed upon or repossessed but i have been poor and have lost all hope and still could not imagine being so careless and spiteful. If i was in a similar position to these individuals who are destroying what was once theirs and pretty much killing innocent animals for no reason i would only be mad at myself for getting into the position to be foreclosed upon no matter how much “bad luck” or how much it wasn’t my “fault”. 


Beyond the mess and beyond the destruction of property lies another more heart wrenching issue. Pets. The pets are often silent sufferers during the foreclosure process. People abandon and trash their homes and leave pets behind. These are the pets being rescued from feces and urine infested homes with piles of rotting garbage,  and  swarms of bugs.


1 Response to “The hidden victims of foreclosure’s”

  1. 11, July, 2007 at 10:42 am

    I work for http://www.CurrentForeclosures.com and as a result I keep up to date on the all the foreclosures news. I read this article, and was just appalled by this “other” side of foreclosures….you never hear about the pets and what happens to them after a family is forced to leave-hopefully with some light being shed on this issue, it will be resolved.

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