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Another Apple announcement coming- 9/5

As we have all expected, Apple has announced that they will be having a ‘Special Event’ on the September 5th 2007. The invitation went out to selected press in the US on 8/28 and featured a silhouetted figure holding an iPod and the phrase: “The beat goes on”. So judging from the invitation there is likely to be iPod-themed announcement.
This event will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and it’s widely believed that Apple will reveal updates to the nano and 5G iPod range.


WOWIO is WOW!!!!!

My WOWIO totally FREE iPod Shuffle came yesterday!!! I was skeptical at first and had a somewhat difficult time getting 10 people to sign up as well but it wasn’t a scam and after about 1 month total i have a totally FREE awesome iPOD SHUFFLE!

excuse the poor photo quality its a cell phone pic.


iPhone CRAZY-ness

Does anyone else think this whole iPhone thing is getting out of control? There are millions of blog posts about the iPhone, every blogger has done at least one, the hype is well the iPhone is more hyped then Star Wars, then PlayStation3 its the hyped of the hyped and thats not the crazyness im talking about…

Alot of stores now have over 30 people waiting in line…waiting for over 30 hours… waiting outside on the street for 30+ hours for a cell phone that doesnt have MMS, high speed data, a removable battery, or keys? not to mention a cell phone that is from a manufacture that has never made a cell phone before and did we forget that its a touch screen for EVERYTHING!!! i had a tons of issues with my 2 touch buttons on my LG phone and LG has been making cellular devices for 10+ years….

I can’t wait for the backlash…

and PS i am a loyal APPLE enthusiasts


Camping out for the iPhone?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave you know that the APPLE iPhone is coming out on Friday June 29th but did you know that PEOPLE are camping outside the Apple store in NYC already????

I can’t say that they are totally insane and or that i didn’t think this was going to happen (one time i sat outside the virgin mega store in Times Square from 6pm until 9am then next day with a few friends to get meet and greet passes for NoDoubt and when the first Star Wars remake came out i had people outside the movie theater that i worked at in NYC for 2 days) but i didn’t think people would start lining up this soon, i figured maybe Wednesday, 2 days before the release, not today, 5 days before!!! Hope they all find it worth it and at least get a phone!

BTW- when i stayed outside all night i not only got autographs but i got to see a private show with only approx 50 attendees, most of whom were media guests.


are you the 1?

its killing me, i am so distracted, and i dont mean to flood my blog with posts about WOWIO or FREE iPod Shuffles, its just killing me that i am so close to getting one… yet so far… adn i know its just a shuffle and it only cost 80$ but it has become about more then the shuffle, it has become a challenge to my self and from friends…

I say i am so close, yet so far becuase I NEED 1 more person to sign up by 4pm today… i fear that i will not get 1 more and i will fail, so if you haven’t yet, if you want to help me, please please please please please go to WOWIO and sign up, when it asked for referrer please put in
if you are my 10th person i will add you to my blogroll and post about how great you are 😉


Wowio FREE SHUFFLE- ends 6/22

Sadly this awesome promotion is coming to an end, i still need 2 more people in order to be able to take place in this, you still have time also… it only takes 10 people
check out my original post HERE or go to



A few weeks ago i posted about WOWIO a website that offers free e book downloads and is giving away FREE iPod SHUFFLES to anyone who refers 10 people… i need 4 more referrals, will you be one???
go HERE to sign up… use itsjos[at] as the referer…. thanks!!! thanks!!!! thanks!!!


6 People Needed!!!! Free iPod Shuffle Wowio

last week i posted this…. THIS I need 6 more people, will you be 1 of them?


Rent AD Space on My *new* MacBook Pro

I think this may have been done before, so i cant’ say i’m original, or innovative but after thinking for days and days i have decided that it would be a really good idea to rent out some space on the outside of my new MacBook Pro that i will be getting and using a lot in public soon…

I will be purchasing a brand spanking new Apple MacBook Pro in a few weeks and i will be using this laptop all over the tristate area at various public spots, restaurants, bookstore and coffee houses… I thought it would be a good idea to offer advertising space on the lid and for you(the person paying for and AD) it will be a great way to get the word out about your business, website, blog, product and more… my guess that my laptop will be seen by at least 50-100 people daily, maybe more, and this will be 6-7 days a week.

Ad’s will be in the form of stickers or decals that the Advertiser will provide to me, i can and will send dated photos weekly or monthly to you of my laptop lid in public places with your decal showing. I am open to working out monthly, bi monthly, tri monthly or yearly deals on the space rental. Sizes and prices are up for discussion.

Hopefully my lid will look something like this …

Colored stickers/decals are welcome and encouraged, This arrangement will also include the standard elevator pitch, meaning if someone asks about the ad, I’ll introduce the product/service/site to them in less than a minute (which is enough to capture the interest of people if done right). So this means I cannot possibly pitch stuff that I’m not comfortable using myself, so I reserve the right to turn down unsuitable ads.

Please contact me at itsjos [at] gmail [dot] com to set things up



Totally FREE iPod Shuffle WOWIO UPDATE

A few days ago i posted …

So its has been about 2 days and so fair i have 3 out of 10 of the needed referrals, not to bad… anyone else want a FREE iPod Shuffle?


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