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Threadless Tees


I posted a few days ago about the sweet shirts that Threadless sells and how everyone could use at least one for fall, to spice up their wardrobe… what i forgot to tell you is that they are having a $10 blow out sale…. don’t delay, check them out NOW!!!!!


Rising Prices of … well everything!

I have noticed in the past week, maybe 2 weeks, that everything around me seems to have higher prices, 10 cents here, 15 cents there, 1 dollar over there… i’ve never really noticed something like this before… coffee cost more, dinner cost more, electricity cost more,  my cell phone cost more and on and on and on, maybe i am just more aware and this is something that happens often? or maybe prices of well everything jumped over night???


Best Cities for Young Professionals, or not?

According to Forbes the top 10 cities for your professionals are as follows…

1. New York

2. San Francisco

3. Atlanta

4. LA

5. Washington DC

Interesting, very interesting… yes you may be able to get higher or the highest starting salaries in these areas but aren’t 4 out of 5 of the the most expensive cities in the country?????? Last time I checked a studio in NYC could run you 2k a month. Forbes claims to have factored in their own cost of living ratio but I still believe something is a little off overall. I am in no way saying that a recent grad or young professional will not or cannot be successful in NYC, LA or any of the cities featured in this article I just believe that this is a very one sided look at the areas that is leaving out important details.

On to the rest of the list, rounding off the top 10 are:

6. Boston

7. Seattle

8. Minneapolis

9. Philly

10. Denver

I agree more with the bottom part of the top 10, we can all assume and understand that the cost of living in  Minneapolis is definitely a lot lower then Manhattan. I wonder if the starting salaries in Denver are significantly lower then in San Fran? are there less opportunities in Seattle then there are in NYC? Does it depend on the career field?  I think that that plays a major part in starting salaries and long term success.

Luck also plays apart, more so in these larger cities with a more saturated job market. If you are going for a job in Manhattan you are not only going up against other Manhattanites you are now in competition with people from Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island,  all of Suburban NYC (NJ, CT, Rockland County NY, Westchester County NY) and many other people looking to transplant into NYC.

I guess my issue with this article and all other like it is that they are misleading… yes NYC may have the most job opportunities and yes it may have some of the highest salaries but its like that for a reason, the salaries are high to compensate for the higher price of food and transportation and even the higher city taxes… I won’t even go into the over population, crime, apartment and home availability. There may be $1500 more affordable apartments that are in nicer somewhat safe neighborhoods but there are also waiting lists, income qualifications and restrictions.

If you are in college and or a recent (past 4 years) grad looking for a perfect place to settle down, call home and have a decent career… take articles like this Forbes one with a grain of salt and look objectively from all angles.


The hidden victims of foreclosure’s

I came across an article in Business Week about foreclosure’s and their hidden victims… The Family Pets.

As the housing market continues to plummet and wages and raises and even jobs become more scarce, the mortgage mess is getting messier. 

When sheriffs, property inspectors and real estate agents  go to a deserted or foreclosed upon home they are finding malnourished and flea-ridden animals, feces-covered floors and urine-soaked furniture, piles of rotting garbage,  and even swarms of diseased mosquitoes.

According to an online foreclosure research company there were over 147,000 foreclosures filings (default notices, auction sale notices and bank repos) just in April of this year(up 62% from last year)  This means that nasty horrid awful condition homes are becoming more and more common and since at least 50% of families have pets this means more and more abused and neglected animals.  

I imagine that knowing you are going to lose your home is an awful feeling but being so irresponsible and losing all pride of ownership is flat out disgusting. Some people leave the water on to flood the house and cause mold so that the house is destroyed and cannot be sold. There are reports of people tearing their chandeliers or ceiling fans out of the ceiling, kicking the doors and walls in so that the ants, roaches, rats, mosquitoes, scorpions, and other wild life can take over. 


It’s crazy what people will do, I have never had anything foreclosed upon or repossessed but i have been poor and have lost all hope and still could not imagine being so careless and spiteful. If i was in a similar position to these individuals who are destroying what was once theirs and pretty much killing innocent animals for no reason i would only be mad at myself for getting into the position to be foreclosed upon no matter how much “bad luck” or how much it wasn’t my “fault”. 


Beyond the mess and beyond the destruction of property lies another more heart wrenching issue. Pets. The pets are often silent sufferers during the foreclosure process. People abandon and trash their homes and leave pets behind. These are the pets being rescued from feces and urine infested homes with piles of rotting garbage,  and  swarms of bugs.



Student Loans…

While reading through finance and debt articles i stumbled across a bit of advise, a bit that is 7 years to late but maybe not too late for someone else…

“Your total borrowing shouldn’t exceed what you expect to make your first year out of school.”

Most college grads make under$40k the first year, not all some make well over and some make well under… my spin on this advise would be not to borrow a total of more then $40k, an average yearly salary.

This advise is wise and unrealistic, you may enter into college with aspirations of becoming part of the business world where your starting salary could be well north of $40k and end up changing your mind and becoming a writing major where you starting salary could be south of $30k ????

So i guess the best advise is… if you are not yet in college or if you are a current student try not to take out loans… YES they are easy to get and will give you extra money to live of and to buy new computers and books and things that look and seem to be essential but they are not and that $1500 computer that you had to have in your junior year is going to cost you $5k by the time you pay back your lenders.

School is expensive, my parents wont pay or cant and i have no savings HOW do i get an education???? with out loans???

State schools, scholarships, work study grants, part time jobs… there are many ways, I went to an expensive private school, i had scholarships and grants and i STILL have over $75k in private loans and over $20k in federal loans… and TRUST me you do NOT want to be in my position, i was led on that i could pay my loans back in as little a month as i needed and for as long as it took, this is NOT TRUE!

If you MUST  borrow, borrow from the government, many employers pay back some of your government loans and they are federally mandated, have lower and regulated interest and require NO Credit Check or High credit scores to refinance after graduation.

I hope this info helps someone, I wish i had it years ago…


Combining Finances with your Partner

So you have decided to move in with your partner? maybe you aren’t ready for marriage or the government doesn’t think you should marry, either way…If you are living together as part of an unmarried couple, you may face some special financial challenges, below are some tips that can make the transition into living together and sharing a life together less stressful and have you on your way to financial bliss… well maybe…

Budget for joint expenses. The first and most important thing to do is agree on a budget for monthly household expenses. It’s probably wise to open a joint bank account to cover bills that you share, such as rent, electricity and cable TV. If you aren’t ready to open a joint account split all bills equally.
Set Yours, mine and ours. Though some couples choose to split monthly bills 50-50 across the board, this approach doesn’t work for everyone. Chances are one partner earns more than the other, sometimes a lot more. If this is the case, you may opt to contribute a proportional amount of your income. Maybe both contribute 50% towards bills, that may be $1500 for one partner and $2500 for the other… whatever you think is fair and will work, just pick a system and stick to it. Remember, after the joint expenses are covered, the money remaining in your personal account is yours to spend freely, or save freely.
Set mutual goals. Even if you choose to keep separate checking accounts, clarify your long-term financial goals with your partner. Do you want to own a house together someday? Want to save for a amazing trip of a lifetime vacation? If so, you may choose to open a joint savings account to which you both can contribute either set month amounts or whenever you have excess funds.

Be straightforward about debts. Combining finances is one of the surest signs that both partners are fully committed to a relationship, but there are instances when such a combination isn’t appropriate. To avoid conflict, each person should take responsibility for the debts incurred before entering the relationship. It is unfair to expect your partner to pay for your student loans, credit card debt or auto loan, maybe your partner wants to help you become debt free? repay some loans? that would be awesome but its not a requirement and should not be expected or worked into monthly expenses.


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10 Tips to Eliminate Debt

ZenHabits one of my favorite blogs posted 73 Debt Elimination Tips 73 is alot of tips, very overwhelming so i decided to put together what i feel the most important 10 are

1. Spend Less then you earn, easier said then done.

2. Make a Budget and stick to it, its ok to add in $ for food and entertainment

3. Don’t rely on credit cards, if you can’t pay cash you shouldn’t buy it

4. Build an Emergency Fund

5. Pay off your smallest debt first, use momentum to pay of larger ones

6. Eat out less, spend less on entertainment

7. Stop spending, look for ways to cut costs and eliminate expenses

8.Pay More then the minimum, double it triple it, any amount more helps

9. Before purchases ask you self… do i REALLY need this?

10. Stay POSITIVE! you can succeed and be debt free


7 things YOU can do to HELP TIBET

Seven Things You Can Do For Tibet (Taken from

Leaders of Tibet groups and projects have developed effective ways for westerners to support Tibet and the Tibetan struggle. Listed below are a few of the best ongoing campaigns and projects. These campaigns make a difference in the lives of Tibetans inside Tibet and in exile. They represent a spectrum of strategies and efforts of people who care about Tibet, and want to do something practical to help. On the weekend of March 9 – 11, 1996, many of the leaders of these campaigns gathered in Washington to push these initiatives forward, and broaden support for Tibet.

1. Build a School Rural Tibet

Most children in rural Tibet have no schools. 44% of Tibetans are illiterate in any language, and the majority of Tibetans cannot read and write Tibetan today. Under Chinese rule, much of Tibet’s education funding is spent in China, leaving little for Tibetans in Tibet. Several groups in the U.S. are making a huge difference for hundreds of children. They are funding building of schools where there were none, expanding others, and providing funds for textbooks and basic health care. For more information and to send donations, contact:

  • U.S. Tibetan Society for School & Culture
    4707 Connecticut Ave., NW, #201
    Washington DC 20008 USA
    tel: 202-686-1619
  • Kawachen Project, Tibet Fund
    241 E. 32nd St.
    New York, NY 10016 USA
    tel: 212-213-5011.

2. Give a Prisoner Hope Lhasa

A Chinese prison official in Lhasa recently said that he had received many letters of concern for Tibetans prisoners. Your letters get through. We know that this has made a tremendous difference improving conditions, preventing or lessening torture, and leading to an early release of some prisoners. Gendun Rinchen, a tour guide who was released after 7 months without being tortured, is living proof. Chinese officials received thousands of letters about him. Watch for urgent prisoner appeals in Tibetan support group newsletters, and contact Amnesty International to become part of an international China campaign.

  • AIUSA Campaign Department
    Washington Office
    304 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
    Washington, DC 20003 tel: 202-544-0200

3. Support a Nun in Exile Dharamsala

Tibetan nuns are at the forefront of the demonstrations for Tibetan independence in Lhasa, and they face brutal torture and reprisals in prison. Once released, they are often banned from returning to their nunneries, and many end up fleeing to India for refuge. In India the nunneries are overcrowded and desperately need funds for books, clothes, and general support. Contact:

  • Tibetan Nun’s Project
    P.O. Box 374
    San Geronimo, CA 94963 USA

4. Tell Congress What You think Washington

Congress has done a great deal for Tibet, and they need to hear from their constituents to keep supporting Tibet. Congress funds a Voice of America Tibetan – language broadcast which is now the most popular news source in Tibet; they provide annual assistance for Tibetan refugees in India and Nepal; and they also maintain a policy that Tibet is an occupied nation under foreign rule, and recognize the Dalai Lama as the rightful head of the country. Urge them to continue their support. Letters count! If you don’t know your member of Congress, you can call 202-724-3121 or check this Congressional E-Mail Directory to see if your Congress person has e-mail. For more information, contact:

Write to President Bush, through one of the following means:

Additionally, considering sending your opinions to the following:

5. Vote with Your Wallet – Boycott Chinese Goods Beijing

Boycotting Chinese goods is a simple and direct way for anyone to vote with their wallet. A growing boycott campaign is being led by the Students for a Free Tibet, the U.S. Tibet Committee, and the Milarepa Fund. For more information, contact:

6. Travel Wisely Tibet

China is trying to use tourism in Tibet to legitimize its rule there, and to showcase selected monasteries and sites to prove Tibetans are content. Moreover, most tourist dollars, particularly on group tours, go to Chinese pockets, and do little to help impoverished Tibetan communities. If you travel in a group, make sure the company uses Tibetan guides, and patronizes Tibetan businesses. Educate yourself about Tibet before you go, and contact and contribute to Tibetan organizations in the West. For more suggestions about how you can make your trip help Tibetans, and for a map and guide of Lhasa which explains what Chinese tour guides will try to hide, contact:

(See also “Common Questions about Travel to Tibet”.)

7. Give as if Lives Depend on it. (They do.) North America

Join and donate to both national and local organizations. Local support groups are doing important work such as informing local media, putting on events and talking with Congressional representatives. Everybody concerned or working for Tibet needs to make at least a small contribution to one or more groups. They include:

  • International Campaign for Tibet (202-785-1515);
  • Tibet Rights Campaign (206-547-1015)
  • International Committee of Lawyers for Tibet (510-486-0588)
  • Bay Area Friends of Tibet (510-548-1271)
  • U.S. Tibet Committee (212-213-5011)
  • Canada Tibet Committee (514-487-0665)
  • Tibetan Community Assistance Project (212-514-7980)
  • Tibet House (212-213-5592)
  • Students for a Free Tibet (212-481-3569)
  • See also PeaceNet’s Tibet and Tibetan Independence Resources.

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