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Top 5 Reasons YOU Need a Hipster PDA

In todays fast paced, go go go world everyone needs some kind of “pda” type system/devise. There are many electronic PDA organizers, Smart phones and even mini computers that promise to help you get and stay organized and keep everything in order so why on earth would someone chose to use a paper version? Something you can’t sink between your mobile devise, work computer and macbook pro?? There are many reasons and here are the TOP 5 Reasons why YOU need a Hipster PDA.

1. You can truly take it anywhere (except the shower and well a electronic pda cant go into the shower either) and you don’t need to worry about cords, cables, batteries or “stylus”
2. It won’t die on you when you need it most.

3. By nature It’s small, thin, flat, and can be customized to any size you wish, with many different internal and external color and template options.

4. It’s simple and effective- write it down, do it, cross it out. DONE

5. It doesn’t and will never become obselete and or need “updates” after 2 months

If that doesn’t convince you check out

DIY Planner to see some awesome examples and download templates

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5 Tips To Increase Productivity

1. Allocate 20% of your day – between 1.5 to 2 hours – to working on your most important objectives. If you don’t do this, you will find that the really important tasks somehow never get finished when they should.

2. Tackle the hardest things first. All of us like to do what’s easy, its human nature, no one wants to do the hard things, especially not first… But you must get into the hard stuff – and the best time to get stuck into it is first up, when you can give it all you’ve got.

3. Have a maximum of 3 major things on your to do list at a time, any more than 3 is asking for failure. Set your priorities according to what needs to be done asap, what is time sensitive ? what can wait a few hours? what have you been putting of? It is always a good idea to tackle tasks in order of priority.

4. At the beginning of each week, or day, or even month…make a list of your goals, try to refer to your list regularly, adding things that come up and taking away tasks that no longer need your attention, also make sure you stay on track. A whiteboard is a very visible and convenient tool for keeping this list going or a portable list you can carry, whatever works best for you.

5. Group ALL of your similar activities together, if you need to make a bunch of phone calls set a side one part of the day; send all emails at set times, try to aim for no more then 3 email sessions daily, also use one of these to deal with all incoming mail.

In addition try to notice where and when time is slipping away from you… do you drift off and lose focus midday? do you get distracted by the internet and reading blogs? is instant messaging your downfall? once you know what is distracting you and holding you back from being productive you can work on eliminating the distraction.



10 Tips to Eliminate Debt

ZenHabits one of my favorite blogs posted 73 Debt Elimination Tips 73 is alot of tips, very overwhelming so i decided to put together what i feel the most important 10 are

1. Spend Less then you earn, easier said then done.

2. Make a Budget and stick to it, its ok to add in $ for food and entertainment

3. Don’t rely on credit cards, if you can’t pay cash you shouldn’t buy it

4. Build an Emergency Fund

5. Pay off your smallest debt first, use momentum to pay of larger ones

6. Eat out less, spend less on entertainment

7. Stop spending, look for ways to cut costs and eliminate expenses

8.Pay More then the minimum, double it triple it, any amount more helps

9. Before purchases ask you self… do i REALLY need this?

10. Stay POSITIVE! you can succeed and be debt free


top 10 signs your a shih tzu owner

its so hard to put into order so how about 10 signs your a shih tzu owner?

sounds good to me….

– you know what “laps” are

– people stop you on the street and say “omg” and or “look at that face”

–  you dog doesn’t bark or howl he or she only talks…”roooo rooo rooooooo”

– your shoes have bite marks on them

– your shih tzu sits up front in the car while your gf or bf sits in the back

–  You sleep huddled in the far corner of your bed while your dog shih tzu sprawls out in the middle.

– you carry treats in your bag

– you sign your shih tzu’s name on all birthday, anniversary and holiday cards

-you have the vet, groomer and local pet store on speed dial

– on the weekends or days off you only, i mean ONLY go where your little furry friend is allowed

any shih tzu owners or lovers out there? feel free to chime in and or correct me…

all muddy from the dog park in my clean car

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